Founded in 2008, Norm Architects are predominately known for their work in industrial design, interiors and architecture. The essence of their approach is found in balance – between richness and restraint or order and complexity. Across their work, a thoughtful minimalism leans towards softness and assumes sensory qualities while maintaining a focus on quality, details and durability.

The Norm Architects studio is situated in one of the oldest streets of Copenhagen and this context of traditional Scandinavian design is ever-present in their spread of work. A key concept of this is lagom, where elements are balanced to find the best (not perfect) solution.

Enjoy the images below of recent projects from Norm Architects – our nod to their pursuit of finding the balance.

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The Reprise Chair is a great example of the collaborative process between Norm Architects and Ercol. It combines Ercol’s traditional woodturning and steam bending techniques with classic Danish design from the 1950s. The chair’s legs are held in place with a singular, steam-bent piece of wood, paying homage to an Ercol tradition stretching back to 1944. The end result is a graceful, well-constructed chair with spindles for the legs and backrest.

Brimming with elevated architectural references, the Reprise Chair with Hide Seat is an effortlessly graceful seating solution with a refined, subtle presence. Launched in 2020, the chair is a collaborative effort between L. Ercolani and Norm Architects.

Drawing on L. Ercolani’s extensive legacy as craftsmen and purveyors of fine design — the Reprise Chair with Hide Seat features Lucian Ercolani’s traditional woodturning and steam-bending techniques. With roots dating back to 1944, the chair’s seamless silhouette is achieved by steam-bending a single piece of timber to create a sinuous, uninterpreted line that stretches all the way around the backrest.

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