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Architectmade was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating beautifully crafted, elegant, and simple products. Many of the now iconic designs were originally made as special gifts for friends and family, these are now lovingly produced by local craftspeople for a new audience.

The legacy of celebrated architects such as Finn Juhl, Hans Bølling, Kristian Vedel and Poul Kjærholm can be seen in the beautiful handmade designs produced by this special company. These sit comfortably next to a new generation of work from contemporary pioneers such as Bjarke Ingels from BIG Architects and Lars Beller Fjetland among many others.

The company is committed to creating sustainable design, achieved through quality products that are crafted to last a lifetime. The focus is beautiful products you never get bored to look at: created using exceptional craftsmanship. Each design goes through three rounds of quality control to ensure every detail is executed perfectly.

A respect for history and strong knowledge of the architects that defined the golden age of Scandinavian modern design is something at the heart of Architectmade. The goal is to create work that protects the legacy of Danish design and can be loved by a new generation of design lovers from around the world.