The use of exaggerated scale and sensory details was inspired a single moment of magical wonder at the sight of the striking Queenstown landscape. The moment brought to mind the idea of the snow globe – a symbol of childhood that, when shaken, opens the door to a whole new world. The team at Undercurrent Studio saw the unassuming, dome-like exterior of the hotel, as an encasement of a world of possibilities and stories waiting to be told.

With the snow globe as a guiding icon, the creation of a tactile and memorable experience for travellers included employing  quirky design details and art-based installations. Driving a bold contemporary aesthetic, verging on surreal, these spaces encapsulate that moment of child-like wonder experienced with a glance to the Southern Alps on the horizon, or with the shake of a snow globe.

Photography by Two Bearded Men

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The award-winning design 'Balance' for Oblure is crafted from carefully selected materials that keep the lamp in perfect harmony. The play between the moving spheres and solid base creates an elegant composition that lives up to its name.

The fixed impossible position of the orbs is an expression of the fragility of existence. All entities move and nothing remain still. Balance is a play with the concept of time – everything is in motion.

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