Case Study 03 – Archipelago House – Norm Architects

That was a question we asked ourselves before committing to launch contemporary Japanese lifestyle brand Karimoku Case Study. In honesty, lofty values didn’t kick in straight away – our initial reasons were that the furniture looked amazing, we love Japanese culture, and celebrated Danish design firm Norm Architects were a key collaborative partner.

It took many viewings of the iconic 1980s movie ‘The Karake Kid’ to heed the words of wise Karate mentor Mr Miyagi who said, “Sometimes what heart know, head forget”. That helped us refocus on our core values and make sure that at its essence Karimoku Case Study aligned with them. We believe it does.

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With Karimoku Case Study we wish to introduce a thoughtful brand that serves as a guardian for the natural and timeless, using materials that possess an inherent richness and gain beauty with time and age.
Karimoku Case Study

Inspired by the umbrella- and shoe racks by the entrance of Japanese temples and Shrines, similar construction techniques were used to create the shelving system with inherent functionalities, such as removable shelves and bookends that aren’t visible at first sight. The shelving system is a customizable piece of furniture in solid wood that serves the needs of its owner in an understated way.

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Karimoku Case Study is a contemporary lifestyle brand, based in Japan and borne out of admiration and love for serene beauty, material richness and timeless appeal. Through collaboration with Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design, Karimoku Case Study fuses Japanese minimalism with the purity of Scandinavian design.

Inspired by the iconic, modernist Case Study program, each furniture collection draws on its native settings and architectural frameworks of a physical case study project. The collections focus on the simple elegance and refined, pared back style of the Japanese aesthetic.

Case Study 04 – Azabu Residence – Keiji Ashizawa & Norm Architects

Case Study 01 – Kinuta Terrace – Keiji Ashizawa & Norm Architects

Karimoku Case Study was born out of mutual admiration. In both Denmark and Japan there’s a connection to nature evident in our respective design traditions.
Karimoku Case Study

Case Study 02 – Blue Bottle Coffee Minatomirai Cafe – Keiji Ashizawa & Norm Architects

Dan and Emma believe this new collection will complement New Zealand homes, and work well with other interior styles, it is furniture and design you can love for life and always be proud of. The collections will be presented in store and online from Tuesday 6 July.

N-SS01 – Shelving System – Norm Architects

Inspired by the Case Study Houses project of the 1940s, Karimoku Case Study draws on the visionary works of the architects for this iconic, modernist program.
Karimoku Case Study

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