cc-tapis Reclining Figure Rug, designed by Faye Toogood

Born in France, designed in Milan, and produced in Nepal, cc-tapis offers beautiful hand-crafted rugs from some of the world’s leading artists and designers. Founded on a commitment to tradition, quality and design, each rug is handmade by Tibetan artisans, refining natural materials, and passing down artisanal know-how from generation to generation.

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Each of our carpets can be very different from the others. What they do have in common is their quality.
Fabrizio Cantoni / cc-tapis Founder

Known for her masterful manipulation of colour and shade, Sabine Marcelis debuts her new collection: Stroke. 

The Stroke rug features a gradient of colour saturation and pile height, mirroring the three-dimensionality and irregular pigment of a stroke of paint. The ridges and valleys a painter relies on to build intensity are rendered in dyed wool, highlighting the thoughtful craftsmanship present in each CC-Tapis creation.

Each room is envisioned as a blank canvas and the rug as the singular gesture onto which one builds a composition. Starting from these domestic associations, Marcelis considers the expressive potential of everyday life.

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Art and design have always played a significant part in Good Form’s story. From Dan and Emma Eagle’s travels visiting countless museums, public sculptures and installations, to Emma earning a Fine Arts degree from the University of Canterbury, the couple have long wanted to share this love for the art world.

While the Eagles have an appreciation for the minimal and pared back, what really excites them is when design is bold, eclectic, inventive, and a bit mad. cc-tapis is ambitious enough to pull that off.

cc-tapis Blue Stroke 1.0 Rug, designed by Sabine Marcelis

cc-tapis Plasterworks C Rug, designed by David/Nicolas

I think what makes our rugs special is the creative dialogue and the collaborative process which goes into each piece.
Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni / cc-tapis founders

cc-tapis Slinkie Runner Rug, designed by Patricia Urquiola

The Italian rug maker has collaborated with an impressive number of designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Faye Toogood who have worked with some of the world’s biggest names in contemporary design. The Eagles have endlessly been inspired by Urquiola’s and Toogood’s playful yet pragmatic style which has allowed them to make waves and earn international esteem.

cc-tapis allows the freedom of customising dimensions, colours, and even the materials used to create a bespoke piece for your home or commercial project.

More than just décor objects, each rug is a piece of art with a lasting beauty. Good Form is excited to showcase a curated selection of the rugs online and in store once lockdown restrictions allow.

cc-tapis Rotazioni A Rug, designed by Partricia Urquiola

We are not recognised for a style. We are maximalists.
Daniele Lora / cc-tapis art director

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