The Astep Le Sfere Model 2109 chandelier makes a luxurious statement in the foyer of the Airedale Boutique Suites.

Since establishing themselves as a New Zealand hospitality name 40 years ago, Scenic Hotel Group has grown from one location on the South Island’s West Coast to a 19-hotel portfolio stretching across New Zealand and onto the island of Niue.

The Scenic Airedale Boutique Suites located in the historic MLC building needed to be brought into alignment with the high standards the Group is founded on. This meant the aging interiors needed a complete redesign and some serious upgrades.

High profile architectural firm Context Architects were brought onboard to create a modern, contemporary design that encapsulate Scenic Hotel Groups brand and allows them to offer customers the best possible experience.

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The new Airedale embraces the history of an iconic Auckland building to create something unique and authentic, combining the flair of art deco architecture with modern style and comfort.
Context Architects

The Airedale Boutique Suites foyer needed a bold lighting statement that would stand out but also compliment the art deco architecture of the historic MLC building.

The luxurious Astep Le Sfere Model 2109 was the perfect choice for the space, perfectly capturing the glamorous aesthetic that the client desired.

In 1959, Le Sfere was launched in a solar system of its own, revolving around a single luminous sphere. Le Sfere features a simple, yet elegant principle in which a blown opaline glass sphere is held in place by a painted aluminium ring. A refined embrace that lends the luminaire a graphic expression and brings forth its distinctive aesthetic.

To Gino Sarfatti, Le Sfere was a multifaceted, open-minded luminaire system, suitable for illuminating all kinds of spaces with its ambient moonlight, from a modest corridor to exclusive private and commercial settings.

Gino Sarfatti gradually expanded the collection to fit larger commissioned projects. Among them is the famous Teatro Regio in Turin, Italy, where Le Sfere can still be seen in a variety of compositions, including cascades and columns, that emphasise the genius and beauty of the chandelier system.

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Context Architects worked alongside the Scenic team to create a modern, contemporary design that encapsulates their brand and allows them to offer customers the best possible experience.

A comprehensive renovation and refurbishment of the Airedale’s ground floor — including common areas, lounges, an all-new restaurant and bar, and the restoration of the heritage façade — created a revitalised interior and exterior that speak directly to Scenic’s customers, while accessible design features enable the business to effectively serve a wider, more diverse audience.

The design process utilised virtual reality and BIMx to get early and immediate feedback from the Scenic team, this helped refine the concept and customise every detail for Scenic’s purposes.

Airedale Boutique Suite - Reception

The Astep Le Sfere Chandelier is a bold and glamorous Italian mid-century lighting icon designed in 1959.

With consideration for our nation’s history and heritage, we have completed an extensive restoration of the heritage façade and taken inspiration from its Art Deco aesthetic
Scenic Hotel Group

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