Doodles Rug Collection

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Doodles Rug Collection
We wanted to try capture the materiality and richness of each piece, we wanted to translate Faye’s expression created through the delicate use of color and shading.
Daniele Lora / CC-Tapis

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Doodles Rug Collection

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Good Form Introduces cc-tapis

Good Form is excited to announce the exclusive representation of luxury rugmaker cc-tapis in New Zealand.

Meet the Designer 

Faye Toogood

With an academic training in the theory and practise of fine art, and a vocational background at the forefront of the magazine industry, Toogood approaches product design with a singular and acutely honed eye. Her highly sculptural work, while showing an astute respect for the past, is derived from pure self-expression and instinct.

Faye Toogood and CC-Tapis have created a bespoke collection of six handmade rugs entitled ‘Doodles’. Their overarching aesthetic is painterly, abstract and freethinking as they respond to Toogood’s preoccupation through her work to ‘tinker’ and intuitively explore new styles without boundaries.

Maquettes by Toogood for her collection, Assemblage Six: Unlearning, for the first time

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