Organizing the future since 1923

Tomado was established in 1923 by Dutch brothers Jan and Wim Van der Togt in the small town of Dordrecht in the Netherlands. The company initially specialised in producing copper hooks and other simple home wares. By the mid 20th century Tomado had grown to become one of Holland's leading producers of innovative products for the modern home.

Of the many products that Tomado produced, one design stands out as the definitive icon of the companies' celebrated legacy – the Tomado Shelving System. The design was an instant success and has since become a national treasure, even gracing it's own postage stamp.

On its release in 1958, the string like wall shelves were quickly embraced by aspiring homes throughout the Netherlands. It was the perfect product, a beautifully designed and affordable wall shelf with modular functionality.

Even the most simple object is not beneath our dignity, as long as it is perfect in its execution
— Tomado: Van der Togt's Mass Articles Dordrecht 1923–1982
Good Form: Adriaan Dekker Shelving System – Mondrian Tomado
Tomado String Style Modular Wall Shelving

Tomado String Style Modular Wall Shelving