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Tomado Modular Wall Shelving – A Short History

Tomado is a Dutch company with a proud history that dates back to 1923. It was founded on the ideal of making simple, functional products that were affordable to the masses and enjoyable to use.

In 1958, Tomado head of design Adriaan Dekker finalised the design of a modular wall shelving unit. This elegant utilitarian design has since become a celebrated icon of mid century Dutch design and can be found in homes throughout the world.

Meet the Designer 

Adriaan Dekker

Adriaan Dekker also created a series of wire armchairs in collaboration with the Dutch furniture maker Pastoe. These chairs, along with his Tomado Shelving System have since become highly collectible icons of post war Dutch design.

While Adriaan Dekker has left a lasting legacy of timeless and memorable industrial designs, the history of the man himself remains elusive. What is known is that Dekker designed a number of products for Tomado during his time as Head of Design at the Dutch company and also collaborated with other leading Dutch designers during the 1950s.

One of Dekker's most successful collaborations was with fellow Dutch designer Cees Braakman, the design director at furniture manufacturer Pastoe and a celebrated champion of modern design. The collaboration lead to a family of wire frame seats and stools that have become highly collectable examples of innovative post war Dutch design.

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