Opening the new Tomado Head Office - 1950s

Tomado was established in 1923 by Dutch brothers Jan and Wim Van der Togt in the small town of Dordrecht. The company initially specialised in producing copper hooks and other simple homewares.

By the 1930s the brothers were focusing on functional products for the kitchen made from steel wire. A collaboration with the Netherlands Union of Housewives led to their first big breakthrough – a practical and very effective wire dish-drainer.

Things really took off after WW2. With the reconstruction of the Netherlands in full force there was an enormous need for simple, functional products for the home. Tomado was in the perfect position to create useful items that would literally make the world a better place.

Of the many products that Tomado produced, one design stands out as the definitive icon of the company’s celebrated legacy – the Tomado Shelving System. The design was an instant success and has since become a national treasure, even gracing its own postage stamp.

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Even the most simple object is not beneath our dignity, as long as it is perfect in its execution
Wim Van Der Togt

If you're looking for a modern wall shelves we have the Tomado Shelving System set up to view in our gallery. We would love to discuss modular display options and guidance for creating a wall shelving system that is unique to your needs.

The Tomado Modular Shelving System is perfect as a display shelf or for storing books and documents. It can be used in the lounge, bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom.

The Tomado Shelving System was designed by Adriaan Dekker and put into production in 1958. It was born through the humble desire to create a functional object that was elegant, affordable and modular. The design quickly became an icon of Dutch progress and has since found a coveted place in homes and hearts throughout the world.

One set comes complete with 3 shelves and 2 struts. These can be made into modular arrangements as pictured using more than one set.

Weight Rating: 7.5kg per screw into Gib Board = 45kg max per unit | 15kg per screw into stud = 90kg max per unit

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The Tomado Shelving System is the culmination of a desire to produce simple, elegant and functional products. It was realised through the talented direction of Adriaan Dekker the Head of Technical Design.

On its release in 1958, the string like design was an instant success, quickly embraced by aspiring modern homes throughout the Netherlands. It was the perfect product, a beautifully designed and affordable wall shelf with modular functionality.

The shelves had an interesting history before their official release. In 1951, Mr Van Mierens, an employee of Tomado, sketched out a design for a wire framed modular bookshelf. This design then sat in a desk drawer for close to seven years.

In 1958, Adriaan Dekker discovered the shelving sketches and made small improvements in proportions and materials to create the final design. The original version had wooden shelves with hooks that attached to the uprights, these were updated by a folded, pressed steel version on the final design.

It was a big year for Dekker – he also created a series of wire armchairs in collaboration with the Dutch furniture maker Pastoe. These chairs, along with his Tomado Shelving System have since become highly collectable icons of post war Dutch design.

The Tomado wall shelving unit in white

Tomado advertising from the 1950s

The Tomado Shelving System is the culmination of a desire to produce simple, elegant and functional products.

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