'Masquerade' Mirror – Warm Nordic

'Masquerade' Mirror – Warm Nordic

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Maker: Warm Nordic | Denmark
Designer: Sebastian Alberdi | Spain
Year: 2017

The Masquerade mirrors are inspired by the two-sided mask and a world of geometrical surprises.

The design’s partial engraving with straight lines and patterns transform Masquerade from a one-dimensional mirror surface to an intense three-dimensional experience.

The Masquerade range features three different shape and size options.

- Contemporary Danish Design
- Three sizes available

- Round: L 53cm, W 55cm, H 0.8cm
- Oval: L 105.5cm, W 39.4cm, H 0.8cm
- Feather: L 145cm, W 37cm, H 0.8cm

- Mirror Glass

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Made by Warm Nordic

Warm Nordic is a Danish company that celebrates the rich history of mid-century Scandinavian design alongside work from today's leading Scandinavian designers. The curated selection of furniture, lighting and design objects exude the warm, informal mood that for centuries has been the very essence of Scandinavian design.

All designs, whether classic or new, cultivate the essentially timeless Nordic spirit. Warm Nordic embraces Nordic beauty, understanding of materials and traditional craftsmanship.

I hope that many people will be delighted with this integrated, curated universe, which expresses the warm, informal mood so typical of Scandinavian design.
— Frantz Longhi | Warm Nordic
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Designed by Sebastian Alberdi

A fundamental curiosity about the world and the interaction between an object and a person are what underpins Sebastián Alberdi’s practice. This industrial designer with Spanish and Argentine roots continuously challenges materials, technology and craftsmanship in his design studio in Barcelona. He aims to stretch the limits of design in terms of form, feeling and functionality.

Sebastián Alberdi strives for aesthetic simplicity and precision in his designs, though with a sophisticated and vibrant touch.

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