Founded 101 years ago in 1920 by a young Italian Lucian R Ercolani, the iconic British furniture maker is responsible for some of Britain’s most recognisable design icons. Ercolani was intent on designing and producing beautiful and honest furniture, combining the very latest technology with time-honoured craftsmanship. This commitment to design has cemented Ercol’s highly celebrated legacy where the family-owned business has maintained its relevance and stature even a century later. The only thing that can match the British furniture maker’s robust legacy is the vintage Ercol pieces that are still in circulation today.

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Ercol Loveseat
As a progression of the Windsor chair, this 1956 designed Originals Love Seat offers a large, outward shaped ash seat, moulded for comfort. The bent ash chair bow is an attractive and unique shape, reminiscent of its Windsor heritage. Turned lists that structure the back of this seat for two, and tapered legs give this piece a distinctive Ercol feel. Coupled with the Plank Table or used as a standalone piece, this unique love seat will be the focus of your living space. A distinctive feature of Ercol furniture is the dedication to quality craftsmanship. This can be seen through the use of the classic Windsor wedge joint. This is where the leg of the chair goes right through the seat and a wedge is then inserted into a cut in the leg, forming a remarkably strong joint. Sanded off flush with the seat, the joint then provides a beautiful design element.

A romantic twist on the classic Windsor chair, the Loveseat by Lucian Ercolani imbues a distinct and timeless allure that is conducive to a wide assortment of modern settings. Designed in 1956, the Loveseat reflects Lucian Ercolani’s discerning eye for detail and features his signature blend of beauty and functionality. Loosely inspired by the silhouette of the Windsor chair, the Loveseat features a moulded timber seat and spindle back-rest, gently curved to align with the body’s natural contours and provide optimal comfort.

Infused with charismatic details and bespoke craftsmanship, the Loveseat offers an intimate and relaxing respite — perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones.

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Today, Ercol remains a family-owned company committed to preserving its legacy and sharing their time-honoured commitment to innovation in manufacturing and design. Working closely with some of the best names in contemporary design, Ercol has participated in a number of collaborations, producing a range of modern furniture, beautifully crafted from sustainable timbers.

One of such collaborations was with the multifaceted design studio Norm Architects. Founded in 2008, the design firm shares a similar approach to craftsmanship and use of honest materials, and are similarly guided by their rich cultural heritage that proudly upholds the modernist principles of restraint and refinement. Situated in one of the oldest streets of Copenhagen, Norm Architects carry over their Scandinavian design traditions into their work placing an emphasis on natural materials, timeless aesthetics and finding the right balance.

A distinctive feature of Ercol furniture is the dedication to quality craftsmanship and good design.
Lucian Ercolani, Ercol Founder

The Pennon table, Reprise chair and Canvas Collection were born out of Norm Architects’ signature minimalism and Ercol’s dedication to craftsmanship. Each piece is a highly refined and functional design object that embodies both maker and designer’s ethos of beauty, tradition, history and timelessness. With a shared philosophy towards an uncompromising approach to quality and tradition, the pieces conceived between the Ercol and Norm Architects collaboration will irrefutably be treasured for generations.

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