The Rock, designed by Gort Scott Architects
Photographed by Rory Gardiner

The Rock by Gort Scott Architects 

As an extension of the natural rocky landscape in which it lies, this exceptional 4 storey home designed by Gort Scott Architects beautifully integrates into the surrounding natural landscape through its robust material palette and strategic orientation among the pine forests and mountains ranges that overlook the Alta Lake in Canada. With the inclusion of expansive windows that maximise light and offers incredible views of the homes natural surrounds, as well as open plan living areas, a cinema, gym and wine room, we think this home would be the ultimate place to hunker down during the covid pandemic. 

Till House by WMR Arquitectos

Situated on the Chilean coast, Till House designed by WMR Arquitectos offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. The studio has embraced a highly innovative response to the architecture with a wall system that can open up more space during the day while providing privacy at night. The large floor to ceiling windows opens up the home, maximises light and allows stunning panoramic views of the ocean. We love the clean lines and modern aesthetic that contrasts and complements the rocky landscape. 


Jungle House by Studio Mk27 

Nestled in a dense rainforest in Sao Paulo, Studio Mk27’s ‘Jungle House’ is one home we would love to visit and definitely wouldn't mind being isolated in. With its elevated position, this incredible home provides unique views to the coast and allows a close connection with its lush natural surrounds. Every detail is considered, from the glass balustrades around the infinity pool that allows swimmers to enjoy the view, to the inclusion of exposed timber and concrete interiors that further immerses the home into its natural surroundings. 

Jungle House, designed by Studio Mk27
Photographed by Fernando Guerra via

Jungle House, designed by Studio Mk27
Photographed by Fernando Guerra via

Desert House, designed by Jim Jennings
Photographed by Joe Fletcher

Desert House by Jim Jennings Architecture

Desert House by Jim Jennings is a white concrete structure that sits starkly against the landscape. Enclosed by 2.5 metre high concrete walls, the home offers an exclusive and solitary experience of the desert, simultaneously subverting Desert Modernism’s penchant for openness. With its own external courtyards that act as an extension of the living spaces, Jennings redefines the concept of indoor-outdoor living where the outside is experienced within a walled perimeter. We love the clean lines and geometric forms that define this stunning home. 

House in Itsuura, Japan by Life style Koubou

Japanese architecture firm Life Style Koubou’s House in Itsuura is a stunning timber residence elevated above the natural landscape. The house Is a unique design, sitting upon two supports that raise it above the ground and embeds it into the Japanese hillside. We love the organic material palette used that reflects the homes natural surroundings and will patina and age beautifully with time, forging an even stronger relationship ship to its environment. 

House in Itsuura, designed by Life Style Koubou
Photography by Life Style Koubou via

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