Stoff Candle Holders are the perfect accessories to elevate your table settings all year round with a touch of candlelight.

Whether you like the shine and glamour of chrome and brass or prefer a more minimal, monochrome look, Stoff suits all tastes. The modular pieces offer the opportunity to build your own arrangement to suit any occasion.

For more formal events, bring out the Stoff Stand and elevate your candle holders with the Stoff bespoke candelabra. These timeless candle holders make it easy to serve up an oh-so-stylish centrepiece.

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The STOFF Nagel candleholder represents the essence of its time and its creators
Jette White | Stoff Copenhagen
Stoff Nagel Vase

In 1967 German architect and designer Werner Stoff created the modular and highly iconic Nagel ‘Model S22’ candle holder. It was an instant success and quickly became a must have accessory in aspiring households throughout the world.

Not only was it an elegant and memorable object but also a statement of the owner’s personality. Vast sculptural structures could be created, showcasing anything from the rational and linear through to the wild and abstract.

The Nagel Vase is one of the many accessories Werner Stoff designed to complement and customise the modular candle holders. It’s perfect for adding extravagance and personality to the range and combines seamlessly with other the designs.

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The idea for an elegant metal candleholder was realised through collaboration between architect / design duo Hans Nagel and Werner Stoff in the 1960s. Werner Stoff asked Hans Nagel to create a bold metal candlestick with three legs. The final design from Stoff is now considered a modern masterpiece. The final design from Stoff is now considered a modern masterpiece. An elegant tripod form with crisp detailing and a shiny chrome finish defined the design, however it was the modular ability to stack into highly creative sculptures that made it an enduring international success.

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