Antonio Facco designed the Mondo to sit comfortably in either a classic or contemporary interior. The beautifully shot photos show the Mondo floor lamp and pendants combined with iconic furniture by great modern architects including Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Gerrit Thomas Rietveld. The Mondo also suits a contemporary setting as can be seen in the shots featuring work by Michael Anastassiades.

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Mondo Floor Lamp

The 'Mondo' Pendant lamp has a classic soul combined with contemporary ambitions. The design consists of four steel shades mounted in overlapping pairs. This allows a vast interaction with the lamp, offering an infinite dialogue.

The Italian design combines a planetary physical image with an abstract concept of originality programmed by the beholder. The ability to customise its shape gives the option of casting different geometric shadows to suit different moods and interiors.  

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Antonio Facco (Italy) was born in Milan in 1991. Since the beginning he has always paid great attention towards the evolution of contemporary design and communication. Through the analysis of new generations’ behavior and habits he draws hints and inspiration for his own research and projects.

This way, the creation and development of his work is never obvious but synthesis of a process of sensitive research integrated with the study of the new information and production systems.

Antonio Facco is one of the most interesting representatives of the new wave of Italian design
Giulio Cappellini

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