The Hongkun Museum of Fine Art, completed in 2014, is based on the simple concept that ‘If cave-paintings were the earliest transmitted art, the caves were our first museums and galleries. An arch is a structural interpretation of a cave.’ Fittingly, arches of varying sizes follow the layout of the gallery, guiding visitors from one room to the next.

Two years later, Precht completed a second project – the neighbouring Hongkun Art Auditorium. Both buildings are linked by the arch motif and sweeping curves, while embracing different materials that give each project their own personality.

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Our love for arches as a structural element, but also as a welcoming gesture and symbol of entrance manifested itself in this project. With the reflective walls, the arches transform from a physical to a intangible element and connect with each other to one endless swing.
Precht Architects

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