contemporary british furniture since 1920

Ercol was founded in England in 1920 by a young Italian, Lucian Ercolani. His simple goal was to make furniture that was well designed and made in a good working environment by craftsmen who took real pride in their jobs. Design has always been at the heart of ercol’s rich history – design for comfort, design for function and design for beauty.

Today, Ercol remains a family owned company committed to protecting and sharing its highly celebrated legacy. This is achieved through a time-honoured commitment to innovation in manufacturing and design. The company has worked closely with some of the best contemporary designers to produce modern furniture, beautifully crafted from sustainable timbers. 

A distinctive feature of Ercol furniture is the dedication to quality craftsmanship. This can be seen through the use of the classic Windsor wedge joint. This is where the leg of the chair goes right through the seat and a wedge is then inserted into a cut in the leg, forming a remarkably strong joint. Sanded off flush with the seat, the joint then provides a beautiful design element.
— Lucian Ercolani, Ercol Founder

designs from this maker


'Originals' by Lucian Ercolani

'Nest' by Paola Navone

‘VON’ by Hlynur Atlason

'Flow' by Tomoko Azumi


'Romana' by Dylan Freeth

'Rho' by Matthew Hilton

'Svelto' by Linda Sandall

'Pero' & 'Treviso' by Matthew Hilton

'Marino' by Dylan Freeth

'Lara' & 'Luca' by Dylan Freeth

'Ponte' & 'Forma' by Dylan Freeth

'Modulo' by Dylan Freeth

'Rimini' by Dylan Freeth