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Visioni Rug Collection
People are looking for mental comfort. We have so much stress and pressure that we need little pleasures from the habitat in which we live and work.
Patricia Urquiola

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Visioni Rug Collection

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Good Form Introduces cc-tapis

Good Form is excited to announce the exclusive representation of luxury rugmaker cc-tapis in New Zealand.

Meet the Designer 

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola believes in an original design point of view merging humanistic, technological and social approaches. Her design thinking is the intersection of challenges and breaking prejudices, finding unexpected connections between the familiar and the unexplored.

Her work is known for its imaginative, yet practical focus – with many creations winning her several awards and securing a place in the Museum of Modern Art. 

CC-Tapis Visioni A Rug, designed by Patricia Urquiola

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