Featuring a curated set of home objects from candle holders to bottle openers, each piece is intended to be used as well as enjoyed for their sculptural qualities. Dedicating themselves to facilitating an ethical design practice, the Norwegian homeware studio have coined the term “century product” to reflect its sustainable intentions. Designed to last at least 100 years, Nedre Foss homewares bring sustainability to the fore with a focus on enduring materials equally matched with sophisticated Scandinavian design.

It’s no secret that we’re advocates of genuine sustainability, and with persistent trends and consumer culture becoming a massive contributor to worrying environmental issues, there is no better time to discuss the strategy and ethos of timeless design. Among the other designers, artisans and makers we’ve partnered with over the years, Nedre Foss understands that responsible design starts with addressing a products lifecycle through the manufacturing process as well as ensuring both a functional and aesthetic longevity.

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Ildhane was the first item to be developed for the Nedre Foss collection. Ildhane has an expressive shape that resembles a bird with a handsome tail. ‘Ild’ is Norwegian for fire and ‘hane’ translates to rooster.

As with most projects from Anderssen & Voll, Ildhane was born as a hand sketch. The sketch was translated into a computer model which then was printed in 3D. This process of printing, making subtle changes and then reprinting was looped until the designers felt absolutely confident about the shape.

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The homeware studios expertise lies in their ability to surpass trends to create something that feels contemporary and beautiful throughout time. This approach to sustainable design relies on an aesthetic that will continue to be enjoyed and remain relevant with the passing of time. It is impossible to predict whether a design will remain relevant in a centuries time, so Nedre Foss has looked to the past to inspire lasting designs for the future.

an object will always be some sort of impression of the current time spirit. We believe however, that true sculptural quality surpasses shifting trends.
Nedre Foss

Behind their intriguing Scandinavian design is a forward-thinking practice steeped in material exploration. High-quality materials of brass, cast iron, wood and glass ensure the physical longevity of these iconic homewares while the pairing of both handmade and technological processes give each piece a unique look, expressing the subtle nuances of the creative process.

At a time where styles and trends come and go at an overwhelming speed, it is worthwhile to make conscious choices and support makers and designers that place sustainability and good design at the heart of what they do.

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