OMK Tokyo Stools complete the interior at the East Street Hall

Image Credit: David Straight Photography

East St. Hall is a multi-purpose space based in what was once the community hall to the Samoan church on the corner of East St. and Galatos St. It is a mid-century modernist building nestled in the industrial uptown cityscape that sits just off Karangahape Road.

The soaring mid-century space is airy and light-filled, with an eye-catching colour palette and interior fit-out from the renowned interior designer Katie Lockhart. Yves Klein blue tables with lilac accents and rust-coloured walls set the scene for a very memorable interior.

Shaped with openness at heart and designed as a neighbourhood focal point, East St. Hall is a home for food, art, culture, and music. Bringing people together around a modern canteen inspired by the food culture of Tel Aviv, a thoughtful menu of pitas and plates and a bar focused on organic wines, fresh beer and citrusy, herbaceous cocktails.

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Shaped with openness at heart and designed as a neighbourhood focal point
East St. Hall
Tokyo Stool

Katie Lockhart wanted a stool that that would sit comfortably in the bold and playful interior of the East Street Hall. The Tokyo stool is a postmodern icon that was perfect for the space.

Originally designed in 1985 for London's Groucho Club, Tokyo Stool was launched at the Milan Furniture Fair the same year. The elegant frame and narrow stance of the rear legs creates a light rhythm and clean aesthetic.

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