The entire lighting solution for the theatre was by Sarfatti, now known as a founding father of modern Italian lighting design. We are proud to represent Gino Sarfatti whose work is produced by Astep. The majority of the designs are once again in production as the ‘Le Sfere’ range.

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In 1959, Le Sfere was launched in a solar system of its own, revolving around a single luminous sphere. Le Sfere features a simple, yet elegant principle in which a blown opaline glass sphere is held in place by a painted aluminium ring. A refined embrace that lends the luminaire a graphic expression and brings forth its distinctive aesthetic.

To Gino Sarfatti, Le Sfere was a multifaceted, open-minded luminaire system, suitable for illuminating all kinds of spaces with its ambient moonlight, from a modest corridor to exclusive private and commercial settings

Gino Sarfatti gradually expanded the collection to fit larger commissioned projects. Among them is the famous Teatro Regio in Turin, Italy, where Le Sfere can still be seen in a variety of compositions, including cascades and columns, that emphasise the genius and beauty of the system.

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