Astep VV Cinquanta Wall Lamp enables task lighting with an understated look and the flexibility to focus light in the direction required.

The light we live in has an enormous impact on our space and how it feels, how it impacts our mood and our sense of wellbeing. Lighting not only illuminates space, it can enhance our experience of working, living and gathering. Whether you are searching for an accent piece for a sculptural detail in your lounge or planning something more complex like a full lighting plan for your kitchen/dining area, we have considered the needs of each room with this designer lighting guide.

Kitchen / Dining Room

When we are gathering together in a welcoming space the requirements for lighting are to have a mixture of task and ambient designs to suit the needs of storage and food preparation. Italian maker Astep has created the VV Cinquanta Wall Lamp which is a simple piece with a swivel shade along with dimmable capability to assist with food preparation. Danish maker Warm Nordic has a few options with a more mid-century look and similar functionality. Both can suit a space which is anywhere from industrial and functional to understated and relaxed. For something unexpected, select a colour note from the Warm Nordic universe to add an accent to your colour scheme.

Simple, sculptural pieces can elevate a kitchen island to offer additional soft task lighting combined withan unexpected suspended object. Oblure is a maker which has partnered with emerging Swedish designers who have created a couple of highly memorable options like the recently launched Arch Pendant, or the Trapeze Triplette Pendant which is wonderfully engaging as each hemisphere diffuser can be adjusted. These offer a graphic look which can work with a contemporary build or tie in with an older style like an updated bungalow or a home from the deco era.

Similarly in the dining room, add ambient lighting with an understated design which adds light in an unintrusive way with a low hung pendant which creates warmth and atmosphere for your guests. One of our favourite designs is the Astep Model 2065 Pendant Lamp by iconic Italian designer Gino Sarfatti. This design is also simple and graphic but it also has a serene quality with a bold acrylic diffuser. Hang it at a low height to create intimacy around a dining table and combine it with any design style.

Light affects our natural rhythms. Low, warm coloured light stimulates the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by the body to enable us to sleep.
The Arch pendant features a curved line that travels from light to light creating a distinctive form. It is a design that resembles and shows appreciation to the architectural arches/vaults that have been built for centuries.

The Arch pendant features a curved line that travels from light to light creating a distinctive form. It is a design that resembles and shows appreciation to the architectural arches/vaults that have been built for centuries.

The seven pillars equipped with a light source each will provide downlight on our various spaces at home as well as public spaces.  Perfect for kitchen tables, -islands, conference rooms and offices. The fixture has an alluring and eye-catching design that consists of a metal exterior in different colors.

The design is a successful collaboration between two talented Swedish designers, Johan Lindsten / Form Studio & Markus Johansson Design

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Lounge, Hallway and Atrium

Large, open spaces require a selection of lighting pieces to help emphasise the open, airy nature of the space and add impact with unique lighting objects which indicate the flavour of a home. When selecting a large piece, centre the room around your selection of a bold, central lighting feature pendant which is appropriate to the style and personality of the interior.

Consider your space and what is already there to tie in the materials, forms, scale and overall design of lighting objects and what will suit the room. A tall piece will work well in a high stud, atrium space like the highly contemporary Zaha Hadid Design Aria Pendant Lamp or Avia Pendant Lamp. These can be hung on their own or in a group according to the space and budget. Another completely different look can be achieved by introducing designs which nod to a traditional look – the Astep 'Le Sfere' Collection is a mid-century design which suits an older style house if there are any decorative ceiling elements and equally well with a contemporary space.

Tucked away parts of a lounge space like a reading area also need attention with focused lighting for reading. A floor or table lamp like the Astep VV Floor Lamp suits this purpose and perches beautifully over a space in a minimal, unobtrusive way with a simple shade and elegant form. Highlight a favourite artwork with a wall lamp to draw the eye around the room and focus on particular, special details.

Astep defines the height and details in a room with a family of lighting objects from Gino Sarfatti, the 'Le Sfere' collection. View the Astep Range

Warm Nordic Lamps offer an element of mid-century character with accent lighting pieces. These pieces utilise enduring design materials like opaline diffusers and saucer or cone shape shade forms. Image features the Cone Floor Lamp with Table and the Opal Shade Pendant.

By embracing the new while maintaining the utmost reverence for what’s been – coupling the work of great minds of the past and great minds of the present – we aim to advance the relationship between people and their homes.
Alessandro Sarfatti, Astep

Zaha Hadid Design Aria Pendant Lamp is perfect for a large space to add texture and detail in a contemporary way. These can mix well with a traditional space for a modern interpretation or a more pared back environment.

The Oblure Notic Collection lighting pieces add graphic, textural design elements to a space with simple black forms and opaline diffusers. Add definition to a soft, serene space with some simple, strong details like this pair of table and wall lamps.


Creating a sense of restfulness in the bedroom is the key role of lighting in this space. Selecting a range of task and ambient lighting objects which are a design family creates harmony. We suggest adding pieces which sit well with the other rooms of the house but still have their own personality as a visual cue to the change in environment, like a new chapter in a book. Small scale lighting pieces like the 'Notic' Lighting Designs from Oblure display the same geometric motif, shade size and set of materials throughout, allowing you to add lighting to the ceiling, wardrobes, bedsides and drawers without altering the look or scale.

Create a unique working environment with lighting objects like the Oblure Stair Table Lamp with the added functionality of a charging port and dimmable switch

We work with international designers with the aim to build a collection with a lot of character and innovative elements that surprise and intrigue the beholder. Our vision is to curate the original, bold and beautiful.
Oblure, Swedish Lighting Maker

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