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Envolée Rug

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Good Form Introduces cc-tapis

Good Form is excited to announce the exclusive representation of luxury rugmaker cc-tapis in New Zealand.

Meet the Designer 

Cristina Celestino

As a designer and architect, Cristina Celestino creates exclusive projects for private clients and companies. Her work also extends to creative direction for companies, and the design of interiors and displays.

Cristina Celestino is an avid collector of masterpieces of Italian design and a curious investigator of objects: her work is based on observation and research.
In her projects, driven by in-depth exploration of the potential of forms and functions, there are historical and contemporary references to the worlds of fashion, art and design.

The fil rouge of her creations is clear, rigorous use of geometry, in a process of careful manipulation of traditional forms: her projects also feature variations of scale and brilliant little inventions, playing with conventional messages and hidden, unexpected meanings.

CC-Tapis Envolee Rug, designed by Cristina Celestino

Designs by 

Cristina Celestino

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