Bespoke Artist Designed Rugs

Dilana has been hand crafting the finest New Zealand made rugs for over 35 years. Since opening their Christchurch based Workshop in 1980, the company has produced this country’s most luxurious rugs and carpets.

Dilana works collaboratively with leading contemporary artists, designers and architects to create ambitious, handmade works with a core value of craftsmanship, design integrity and originality. These distinguished pieces can be seen in homes, commercial buildings, art galleries and museums throughout the world. 

Since good design is about integrity to the medium, Dilana’s designs are not simply the conversion of paintings, prints or other works into carpets, but a rethinking of ideas to the possibilities of textured items primarily designed for horizontal floor surfaces.

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Dilana is a collaborative partnership between prominent artists, designers and internationally renowned carpet manufacturers who share a philosophy of beauty, art and function
— Hugh Bannerman of Dilana
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John Reynolds - Artist Rugs NZ


Martin Poppelwell - Artist Rugs NZ

Richard Killeen - Artist Rugs NZ

Bing Dawe - Artist Rugs NZ

Avis Higgs - Artist Rugs NZ

Catherine Griffiths - Artist Rugs NZ

Andrew Mcleod - Artist Rugs NZ

Chiara Corbelletto - Artist Rugs NZ

Gavin Chilcott - Artist Rugs NZ

Tim Main - Artist Rugs NZ

Michael Reed - Artist Rug NZ

Riduan Tompkins - Artist Rug NZ