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Cell Candle Holder Large
I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with materials and proportions
Zaha Hadid

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Cell Candle Holder Large

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Introducing Zaha Hadid Design

Good Form takes pride in its representation of forward-focused designers from around the world. The design store is pleased to announce representation of Zaha Hadid Design within New Zealand. Owners Dan and Emma Eagle have long admired Hadid’s iconic architecture and drive to create revolutionary forms.

Meet the Designer 

Zaha Hadid Studio

Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD), which is led creatively by co-Directors Woody Yao and Maha Kutay, has an extensive cross-disciplinary portfolio which includes design in fashion; jewellery; furniture and finishes; interiors; exhibitions; installations; sculpture; and set-design.

The studio is focused on protecting the British-Iraqi architect's signature aesthetic of fluid shapes, free forms and contrast, with an emphasis on state-of-the-art production techniques and artisan craftsmanship.

When speaking about the ZHD Collection - the own label of design objects launched by Hadid in 2014, Yao and Kutay explain: ‘When designing objects Zaha was never constrained by any given use or spatial context. We continue to follow and draw strength from this approach so that the collection has room to evolve without compromising the integrity of the design.’

Tower C – Zaha Hadid

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