TH Brown

Beautifully crafted furniture since 1911

TH Brown was founded in 1911 by Thomas Howard Brown, the company was based on a desire to produce well crafted and beautifully designed furniture. When Thomas' youngest son Peter joined the company shortly after WW2, his gift for designing innovative, elegant furniture was quickly apparent. By the 1960's, TH Brown had become one of Australia's leading contemporary furniture makers.

Simon Brown, grandson of TH Brown, is passionate about protecting and continuing the family legacy. This has been realised through a highly curated offering of signature pieces designed by his father over 50 years ago and a commitment to crafting beautiful, high end furniture from the finest sustainable timbers and premium leathers available.

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TH Brown produced some of the most coveted Australian mid-century furniture. We’re bringing these iconic designs into the 21st century - whilst staying true to the soul of the original and enhancing sustainability and durability.
— Simon Brown, TH Brown (3rd Generation)
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