Stoff Copenhagen

an iconic design that perfectly balances form, function and individual creativity.

Hans Nagel grew up in the bombed rubble of post war Cologne. The city was largely destroyed during the war and Hans' father struggled to make a living in the family owned metal working factory. In the 1960s Hans took charge of the company and was determined to turn around the family fortunes and create a successful business.

It was on a skiing trip to the Alps that the first glimmer of the Model S22 Candleholder was born. Hans fell backwards into the snow and put his hand out to stop the fall. He left three holes in the snow from his fingers which gave him the idea of creating an elegant metal candleholder.

This idea was realised through collaboration with a local Cologne Architect and designer Werner Stoff who Hans asked to create a bold metal candlestick with three legs. The final design from Stoff is now considered a modern masterpiece. An elegant tripod form with crisp detailing and a shiny chrome finish defined the design, however it was the modular ability to stack into highly creative sculptures that made it an enduring international success.


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The STOFF Nagel candleholder represents the essence of its time and its creators
— Jette White | Stoff Copenhagen
Stoff Nagel Brass Candleholders
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