Adriaan Dekker Shelving System | White – Tomado

Adriaan Dekker Shelving System | White – Tomado


Maker: Tomado | Netherlands
Designer: Adriaan Dekker | Netherlands
Year: 1958

The Tomado Shelving System was designed by Adriaan Dekker and put into production in 1958. It was born through the humble desire to create a functional object that was elegant, affordable and modular. The design quickly became an icon of Dutch progress and has since found a coveted place in homes and hearts throughout the world.

NOTE: One set comes complete with 3 shelves and 2 struts. These can be made into modular arrangements as pictured using more than one set. 

- Mid Century Design Icon
- Modular Design
- Weight Rating: 7.5kg per screw into Gib Board = 45kg max per unit | 15kg per screw into stud = 90kg max per unit

- 1 set / W 69.5cm, D 20cm, H 68.5cm

- Made from lacquered steel

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Made by Tomado

Tomado was established in 1923 by Dutch brothers Jan and Wim Van der Togt in the small town of Dordrecht. The company initially specialised in producing copper hooks and other simple home wares. By the mid 20th century Tomado had grown to become one of Holland's leading producers of innovative products for the modern home.

Even the most simple object is not beneath our dignity, as long as it is perfect in its execution.
— Wim Van Der Togt

Designed by Adriaan Dekker

Adriaan Dekker is best know for his role as head of design at the Dutch company Tomado. The company rose to prominence after WW2 to meet the great demand for affordable household furniture. Dekker's keen eye for detail and ability to design simple utilitarian designs with an inherit elegance has given his work a timeless appeal. 

Adriaan Dekker also created a series of wire armchairs in collaboration with the Dutch furniture maker Pastoe. These chairs, along with his Tomado Shelving System have since become highly collectible icons of post war Dutch design.