Catherine Griffiths 'Keyhole #7' - Dilana

Catherine Griffiths 'Keyhole #7' - Dilana


Maker: Dilana | New Zealand
Artist: Catherine Griffiths | New Zealand
Year: 2012
Edition: 5
Dimensions: W 200cm, D 100cm

This collaboration with the highly talented typographer, designer and artist Catherine Griffiths has culminated in the Club de Conversation Keyhole Series. 

The series is a collection of seven French phone numbers, derived from the hundreds of tiny papery objects Griffiths collected over a ten year period around the streets of Paris. Scale, context and proximity are re-defined in this series. The public display of private information is super-enlarged and abstracted into the keyhole motif, a voyeuristic entry point into that person's world, the number never wholly revealed.

Dilana has been hand crafting New Zealand's most luxurious rugs for over 35 years. Since opening their Christchurch based Workshop in 1980, the company has successfully collaborated with many leading contemporary artists. The Dilana legacy can be seen in some of the most distinguished homes, commercial buildings, art galleries and museums throughout the world.

This rug has been hand tufted from the finest New Zealand wool at the Dilana workshop in Christchurch.

NOTE: Due to the extensive range Dilana offers, not all rugs are on view at our store - please ask if you would like to view

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