Stoff Nagel 'Model S22' Candles – Pack of 12

Stoff Nagel 'Model S22' Candles – Pack of 12


Maker: Stoff Copenhagen | Denmark
Designer: Werner Stoff & Hans Nagel | Germany
Year: 1967

These elegant, linear candles are made in Germany specifically for use with Werner Stoff designed Candleholders. The long slim dimensions make them perfect in any contemporary setting.

The candles have a slow clean burn of approximately 4 hours, with a large bright flame. They are a high quality German candle made with fully refined paraffin wax.

Price is per packet, one packet contains 12 candles.

- 20th Century Design Icon
- Authentic Licensed Design
- Fits the S22 Nagel candle holder
- Made in Germany
- Burn Time: +/- 4 hrs

- H 18cm, W 1.2cm

- Fully-refined paraffin wax

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Made by Stoff Copenhagen

Stoff Copenhagen is known for a unique ability to convey the legacy of Danish and international design classics as well as spotting the new ones of tomorrow. The company has existed for more than 20 years and is owned by Jette White, who has built up a unique network of suppliers and customers internationally.

The original Nagel designs have been meticulously studied and faithfully reproduced under license, ready for a new creative audience and contemporary setting.

We consider the Stoff design a work of art — a personal statement and malleable sculpture ready to assume the shape of its owner’s unique creativity.
— Jette White | Stoff Copenhagen
Stoff Nagel Candle Stick

Designed by Werner Stoff & Hans Nagel

The Nagel family business came from humble circumstances. After the devastation of WW2, the German family would collect empty American cartridge cases and turn them into ashtrays and vases. By the 1960s, Hans Nagel was in charge of the small family business. He was lucky enough to attend Cologne Art School and through this connection met the architect and artist Werner Stoff.

Nagel had long been interested in making beautiful things for the dinner table, while Stoff had been working as a performing artist and had developed his own signature line of rounded objects “without corners.” A shared loved for good design and passion for art sparked a creative match that ultimately lead to the creation of the iconic modular candlestick with worldwide acclaim soon to follow.

Hans Nagel