Umbrella Stand – Saito Wood

Umbrella Stand – Saito Wood


Maker: Saito Wood | Japan
Designer: Isamu Saito | Japan
Year: Current Production

Saito Wood is a family owned company with a proud history that dates back to 1948. The company has humble beginnings, starting when founder Isamu Saito used the plywood moulding techniques he learned in the army to make small canisters. Saito would stack these on a bicycle trailer, ride into town and sell them to the locals.

By the 1960s Saito Wood had created a range of striking and beautiful products, all with vibrantly grained plywood. The designs perfectly captured the simple elegance of the Japanese aesthetic and became a coveted object in homes, restaurants and hotels throughout Japan and Europe.

- Authentic Modern Design
- Made in Japan

– H 40cm, ø 21cm

- Premium timber-moulded plywood

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Made by Saito Wood

Saito Wood is a family owned company with a proud history that dates back to 1948. After the war Isamu Saito started a small factory producing basically anything that he could find a buyer for, from made-to-order furniture right through to baseball bats.

Today Saito Wood is still run by Isamu Saito's family. The company continues to produce some of the most perfectly crafted plywood products available. In grandson Takuya Saito's words "we intend to continue making paper baskets and trays. It is a simple goal, but in this day and age, achieving a simple goal is not a simple matter."

There is an incredible beauty in simplicity.
— Takuya Saito
Saito Wood Bins

Designed by Isamu Saito

Isamu Saito's experience with plywood began at a factory he worked in during WW2 for the Japanese army. Due to the shortage of iron it was necessary to explore different ways to produce necessary items from unconventional raw materials.

Experimenting with the idea of making wooden fuel tanks, he learned about molded plywood, and this became a formative experience that would later transform his woodworking business.

Initially the Isamu Saito made small cylinders which he would stack on his bicycle trailer and sell to local townspeople. By the 1960s Saito had perfected a range of simple and elegant waste baskets and plywood products. These became staple objects in homes, hotels and restaurants throughout Japan and Europe.