Orbit Mirror - OMK 1965

Orbit Mirror - OMK 1965

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Maker: OMK 1965 | UK
Designer: Professor Rodney Kinsman | UK
Year: 1981

The Orbit Mirror was designed as a combination mirror for maximum utility. This mirror is formed by a large circular main mirror, with a fine tubular steel orbiting arm supporting a small vanity mirror, including both magnifying and regular mirror sides, which pivots on its own axis to reveal both regular and magnifying mirror surfaces.

Utilising a very simple design and basic physics to keep the orbiting mirror in place, the mirror rotates 180 degrees allowing a full view of the back of the head, which is not easily achieved with most mirrors.  

- 20th Century Design Icon
- Designed in the UK
- Premium build quality

- H 55cm, W 86cm, D 7cm

- Steel and mirror glass / Toughened glass used for main mirror

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Since its inception by Rodney Kinsmanin in 1965, OMK has designed and produced some of the most iconic and celebrated British furniture. The company designed much of the ground breaking furniture sold through Terence Conran’s Habitat stores in the 1960’s and 70’s and went on to produce internationally acclaimed public seating.

In 2017 OMK celebrated its design heritage by re-issuing some of the most iconic products from its extensive back catalogue.

Rodney’s Aspiration has always been to design progressive furniture employing contemporary technology and using modern materials rather than simply following tradition.
— Matt Osborne | OMK

Designed by Rodney Kinsman

Celebrated British designer Rodney Kinsman studied at the Central School of Art. On graduating in 1965, Kinsman launched his own furniture design company to market and sell his work. OMK stands for Olejnik, Morrison and Kinsman. Under the direction of Kinsman, OMK Associates quickly became one of the leading lights of British high end furniture and the brand's legacy has only increased in popularity over time.