Small Monkey – Kay Bojesen

Small Monkey – Kay Bojesen


Maker: Kay Bojesen | Denmark
Designer: Kay Bojesen | Denmark
Year: Designed 1951 | Current Production

Kay Bojesen’s beloved monkey was born in 1951 and has since become an icon of Scandinavian design. With its mischievous look and light-coloured belly, the monkey has transformed kids’ rooms into jungles and sparked dreams of far-away places. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

Monkey has a permanent role on Danish television as the mascot of wildlife programs and as a prize in quiz shows. Every monkey consists of 31 wooden parts and is crafted by hand in Denmark.

The story goes that Kay Bojesen was asked if he wanted to design a hat rack for an exhibition of children's furniture. The idea behind the monkey was that its long arms would bring the pegs down to child height and its short legs would provide the pegs for hanging hats and scarves.

- 20th Century Design Classic
- Made in Denmark

- W 16cm, H 20cm

- Made from oak and smoked oak or teak and limba

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Made by Kay Bojensen

Kay Bojesen retained his childish curiosity and playful enthusiasm throughout his life. Bojesen died at the age of 72 and left an important design heritage behind. A heritage that is now guarded closely by his grandchildren.

Kay Bojesen's legendary shop in Bredgade closed in 1990. Since then Rosendahl Design Group has been selected by the family to continue offering several of Bojesen's classic designs.

Each piece is based on the original drawings and has a great respect for Kay Bojesen's strict standards for materials and craftsmanship.

An item must have a soul, it must function properly, be nice to hold and a pleasure to look at
— Kay Bojesen
Kay Bojesen Animals

Designed by Kay Bojensen

Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) is one of the most important pioneers of Danish design. Trained as a silversmith at the Georg Jensen workshop, he designed several products in silver, such as cutlery and serving dishes, including his famous Grand Prix cutlery. Kay Bojesen worked with other materials as well and was particularly interested of exploring the possibilities of wood.

Best-known examples of Bojesen’s wooden designs are the wooden animals that have become classics of Scandinavian design. Bojesen’s wooden animals are still loved by children and adults as they were during the 1950s when they first appeared.

Kay Bojesen