Gemini Candles – Architectmade

Gemini Candles – Architectmade


Maker: Architectmade | Denmark
Designer: Architectmade | Denmark
Year: Current Production

These elegant, perfectly tapered candles are produced by Danish maker ArchitectMade. The long slim dimensions make them the perfect compliment for the Peter Karpf 'Gemini' candleholder. We also recommend using them with our BMF Nagel and Quist Candlesticks.

Each candle is hand dipped by an experienced Danish candle maker and made from eco friendly, plant based wax. The candles have a slow clean burn of approximately 3.5 hours, with a large bright flame that does not drip or give off excessive smoke.

Price is per packet, one packet contains 4 candles.

- 20th Century Design Icon
- Authentic Licensed Design
- Made in Denmark
- Premium Build Quality
- Two colours to choose from - white or black.

- H 22cm, W 1.4cm

- 100% Stearin candles, a plant-based eco-friendly wax

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Made by Architectmade

Danish firm Architectmade is devoted to crafting beautiful and enduring products by famous architects from the 1950’s and 60’s. Many of the now iconic designs were originally made as special gifts for friends and family, these are now lovingly produced by local craftspeople for a new audience.

The legacy of celebrated architects such as Finn Juhl, Hans Bølling, Kristian Vedel and Poul Kjærholm can be seen in the beautiful handmade designs produced by this special company.

Testament to their elegant simplicity and refined craftsmanship, each design has become an icon, standing the test of time and serving as a reminder that in today’s trending world, quality is still timeless.
— Architectmade | Denmark
Hans Bolling Duckling

Designed by Peter Karpf

Peter Karpf is a danish architect born 1940 in Copenhagen. He was educated at Fritz Hansen and the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts in the 50s and 60s and has cooperated with Piet Hein, Grete Jalk, Arne Jacobsen and Erik Herløw.

Through his career, Peter Karpf has been known for his work with furniture bent from one single piece of wood, giving them a unique sculptural appearance. His work is also characterized by its simplicity and personal expression and to Karpf, functionality is as important as the design of the product.

Peter Karpf