Join us at Good Form Event 'Luminary' on June 6

Good Form is proud to celebrate two years in business with the launch of 'Luminary', an event and exhibition focused on designer lighting. 

'Luminary' is a confident expression of the curated vision of the store with a unique use of colour and space to showcase the imaginative objects created by some of the world's top brands. The history of lighting offers a fascinating history of form and the development of technology.

Dulux ‘Manaia’


Join us at the Gallery for a wine and seasonal treats at the collection opening. 

Thursday 6 June 
6 – 9pm 
15 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby  


Paint : Courtesy of Dulux, we have used colours 'Manaia', 'Rangitoto and 'Hidden Depths'

Stylist : Sara Black
Photographer : Fabricio Maniu
Concept : Finn Stewart

Dulux ‘Hidden Depth’
Ever since the invention of the light bulb, designers have been captivated by developing new ways to contain and magnify the beauty of light.
— Emma Eagle

Lighting objects are an important part of the home and also public life, creating a functional and attractive element of design to share and enjoy.

Following on from the successful vintage store already established by Dan and Emma Eagle, Mr. Bigglesworthy, Good Form aims to expand on the modernist and contemporary design offering with the ability to provide lighting solutions on a larger scale. While vintage lighting was well received in New Zealand, it was a challenge to source a large quantity of pieces. 

Dulux ‘Rangitoto’

The international lighting designs in the store's repertoire are stocked exclusively by Good Form in New Zealand. These include a series of pieces by iconic Italian designer, Gino Sarfatti, produced in collaboration between Flos and Astep. Similarly, Warm Nordic represents the unique 1950s design work of Danish designer, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen.

Adding to the mid-century narrative, contemporary brands Oblure (Sweden) and new designers who have worked with Astep (Italy) and Warm Nordic (Denmark) introduce a new perspective on modern lighting with fresh forms and incorporating exciting and efficient new technology which has revolutionised modern lighting.