New Release: Ercol 'Von' for home / work / play

Conceived as a modular system, the 'Von' collection can be combined in an endless amount of configurations for residential or public settings.

Ercol has a reputation for producing elegant hardwood furniture following the essential principles of the Windsor chair. Strong, simple frames, the warmth of natural wood and expert craftsmanship have made the furniture a coveted addition in the modern home. In contrast, the modular seating available in public settings tends to be fully upholstered and rarely employs exposed, well crafted timber frames. 

The Von range seeks to bridge this gap and bring what we love about our homes into the professional environment. With its generously wide proportions, the focus remains firmly on comfort and achieving a sense of breathing space between users, no matter the configuration of elements.


Looking to the future after nearly a century since Lucian Ercolani founded the brand, Ercol commissioned Atlason Studio to reinterpret the classic 427 chair (1956) from the company archives, for 21st century use. Reflecting an increasing fluidity between the modern home, workspace and hospitality settings, the Von Collection is intended to be part of the evolution of how we see and use furniture in the 21st century.

Original Ercol 427 chair / courtesy of Mr. Bigglesworthy archives

Original Ercol 427 chair / courtesy of Mr. Bigglesworthy archives

When designing the VON collection, we set out to offer a warm natural material palette and friendly forms, made with construction typologies found in ercol’s archives. While being a highly functional system, the collection should generate the feeling of home, when configured in any space.
— Hlynur V. Atlason
Chair 1.jpg

Atlason and team, employed its user research driven practice to create a collection that can fit a diversity of usage scenarios. The furniture pieces can be used alone or combined with others to create multiple configurations. 

Ercol 'Von' Armchiar

Ercol 'Von' Armchiar

The Von Range from Ercol

Dan Eagle