Astep 'Candela' recipient of Elle Decor International Design Award

Since 2003, the EDIDA awards have become an unmissable event for the interior design world. Some of the world's most renowned designers have received EDIDA awards and this year is no exception.

The annual design awards ceremony took place in Milan on the 6th April 2017, during the world’s leading furniture fair, Salone del Mobile. This year’s ceremony was held at the spectacular UniCredit Pavillion, designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Candela is a hybrid object: a lamp that combines the analogue and the digital, tradition and technology. The type, recalling Scandinavian lamps, hides innovation that illuminates without wires and recharges smartphones through a USB port.

Everything revolves around the Seebeck effect (a thermoelectric reaction in which electricity is generated from a difference in temperature): the flame produced by the combustion of bio-ethanol, a natural liquid extracted from agricultural products rich in sugar, gives off heat that can power LED lights. The 2 or 3 Watts produced guarantee the device's self-sufficiency.

Astep Candela Lamp
Astep Candela Lamp Detail
Dan Eagle