Astep/Flos 'Le Sfere' Range by Gino Sarfatti

Astep/Flos 'Le Sfere' Range by Gino Sarfatti


Maker: Astep / Flos
Designer: Gino Sarfatti | Italy
Year: 1970s / 2018 reissue

The focal point of Astep’s exhibition at Palazzo Litta during the 2018 Milan Design Week is an ingenious, multifaceted luminaire design series by Gino Sarfatti from 1959 that has not been in production since the 1970s.

Le Sfere di Gino Sarfatti is inspired by the perfect light and natural poetry of the Moon. It is reintroduced by Astep as the latest addition to the collection Flos with Sarfatti – a tribute to the great Italian master of light, created in collaboration between Astep and Flos.

Le Sfere features a simple, yet elegant principle in which a blown opaline glass sphere is held in place by a painted aluminium ring in a refined embrace that lends the luminaire a graphic expression. The various models of the collection have developed over time, from the first single sphere, Model 237, to the iconic twenty-four-sphere chandelier, Model 2109 – the exact two models that are now presented by Astep.

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- 20th Century Design Icon
- Made in Italy
- Premium Build Quality

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Made by Astep / Flos

After decades of iconic forward focused lighting designs, the Sarfatti tradition is continued into a third generation. At the heart of Astep is the desire to step into the future and embrace new technology while maintaining the utmost reverence for what has been – coupling the work of great minds of the past with the great minds of the present.

Astep is a design company that brings to the domestic landscape, the experience, knowledge and the future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured in founder Alessandro Sarfatti's family for three generations, and bridges it with the latest developments in digital technologies.

Astep represents an admiration for timeless inventions: objects that – regardless of when they were designed or made – retain their edge, their capacity to affect our lives, advancing the manner in which we live.
— Alessandro Sarfatti | Astep Founder

Designed by Gino Sarfatti

Born in Venice in 1912, Gino Sarfatti studied to become an aeronautical engineer until family circumstances compelled him to relocate to Milan where he had his first encounter with lighting, an engineering project to transform a glass vase into a lamp. 

This encounter with lighting design and engineering shaped the path of his life. In 1939 Gino Sarfatti founded his company Arteluce, which brought lighting into the 20th century combining innovative ideas with groundbreaking design.

Throughout his celebrated career, Gino Sarfatti explored and was inspired by new product typologies, innovative materials, lighting technologies, and production techniques. His hybrid talent as a designer and engineer enabled him to created refined products in both aesthetics and function.